Playing cards for discussions <Viral Talks> 2020

These cards are made to let people think and discuss about the future of the world after the pandemic crisis 2020. On the front side of each card, there is an illustration that evokes curiosity and interest. On the backside, there are two controversial sentences for discussion.  

v1_ copy.jpg
  • Capitalism will continue to be dominant in the most part of the world.  

  • Capitalism will soon be replaced by an alternative system.

  • One day there will be no discriminations in the world.

  • Humans will not be able to stop making labels and frames. 

  • Human body will become an empty shell as virtual reality advances further.

  • Human body will be used in creative ways if virtual reality replaces the main use of it.

v3_ copy.jpg
  • Human civilisation will only develop through destruction of the nature.  

  • Human civilisation will find ways to develop in harmony with the nature.

  • Virus will remain as an enemy to fight against. 

  • Virus will be able to have a mutual relationship with human. 

  • The sense of time will remain the same as we feel it now. 

  • The sense of time will completely change in the near future.